Thursday, July 4, 2019

4th Of July Week's Unicorn Camp!!!!

This is me and MY/our unicorn Oreo at our barn's 
first ever Unicorn Camp!!!

At unicorn camp, Avery and another lady 
taught us how to groom MY/our unicorns.

They also showed us different parts of the unicorn 
and what the parts are called.

Then we moved onto the not-so-fun part ...
tack cleaning!!!!
Tack cleaning can end many ways depending on who's in charge ...
today, tack cleaning ended with chocolate covered Oreo cookies 
(pun intended)!!!

Watch us ride off into the sunset!!!!!!!!

This is Ave-ry
riding into the sunset, when it should be me!!!
This is my new friend Cindy ...

This is me ready to ride on the last day ...

... where we also had a COOKIE PARTY ...


Unicorn Camp group photo time!!!
-I think we're missing somebody ... get in here Mommy!!!

As an end to unicorn camp (or maybe because it's the 4th of July),
Daddy got a little crazy with some fireworks ...

... where it's so much more better when we leave it to the pros...
See the difference - chaos vs. peaceful distance watching!!!

What a great week!!!!
Ride Em', Emery style!!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Emery's One Month Late Birthday Smash

A quick drumming solo to start up my big birthday party day!!!

Now it's time for some jumping castle ... start up the blower ...

... and here we go!!!

Even Stella loves to jump in the jumping castle!!!

My first party guest is also my BFF ... Savanna!!!

Now with everyone here, let's get Slipping and Sliding ...

... with some pool time in-between the jumping castle ...

... and then let's get to THE CAKE ...

... and blowing out that candle out so we can 
all dig into the fun inner surprise ...

... GUMMY WORMS!!!!!

And now we open presents!!!
Thanks to all for the super great birthday fun!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My Sister Graduated School On My Birthday!?!?!?

To make up for Avery's 5th grade graduation overshadowing 
my birthday today, Daddy came to eat lunch with me!!!

This was Avery's graduation announcement,
 I don't know what's up about it, but she won't let me touch it!

This is Avery giving her big graduation speech. 
People said it was very good, but all I heard was 
something like: I grew up here *Bla Bla Bla* ...

... I think Avery wanted to give a big graduation speech 
just so she could copy Mommy!!!

I don't know what's so important about walking up to the 
principal, but apparently Avery did it very well ...

... again, I don't get why people clapped their hands 
so hard that they hurt when Avery got just another 
piece of paper that she won't ever let me touch.

Here is Avery with her whole graduating class ... 
I don't know why Hannah Banana was crying so much!!!

This is Avery's 5th grade Legacy Project her class left behind ...

and this was the art piece Avery made!!!

FINALLY!!!! Time to celebrate me and my Birthday 
on my actual Birthday day!!!

This is a unicorn doll that Avery made for me ... 
I love it so much!!!

The candles on this cake are absolutely crazy ...

... but I'm going to try to blow them out anyway ...

... almost completely out ...

... tada ... I did it!!! Now let's all eat some cake!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day isn't my favorite holiday,
🖒But this year we have bunt cake!!!🖒

I'm starting to think that that bunt cake was a 
bribe for me to be good at our fancy brunch.
Which I'm fine with, as long as I get cake!

Happy Mothers Day,
both Mommy and Grandma!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Avery's Big Birthday Sleepover Bonanza

This is Avery having birthday dinner ...
and it's at my fav restaurant!!!
(secretly I told Mommy that I'd only be good if we went there)

This is me playing with Avery's party cups!!!

I love bugging older kids, 
especially Avery's friends!!!

In fact, Avery said she was "dragging me around everywhere"
because she hoped that I would get bored and go away
.... well ....

.... that didn't work until dinner time ... 
I prefer to eat inside with Mommy!!!

For dessert, Avery got something called, 
"Birthday Butt Cake"!!!
(ha ha, it's actually called Bunt Cake)

Just to be sure, I only ate the frosting ... or AKA 
the best part of any cake, including Butt Cake.

Lucky for me (or not!) lots of Avery's friends ate most of the cake,
so I won't have to eat Butt Cake for lunch tomorrow 
or any of the leftover frosting ...
And, cha' know what? 
It was actually pretty good for Butt Cake!

Finally, the end of Avery's Big Birthday Party!!!!!
Now it's present time ... and Avery got 2 (I repeat, 2!) 
of the same Lego sets!
Ya' never know, maybe she'll give me one!!!

Happy Birthday Big Sister!!!