Saturday, August 25, 2018

Avery's "In the Band, Man!!!"

Before you start thinking that Avery is soooo cool, 
being on that big stage and all, remember ...

... I am way cooler!!

Avery decided she wanted to join band class at our school ...
now I think she's playing something called a French Fry Horn.
(Surprisingly she won't let me taste it!!!) 

Here she is playing in the back of Daddy's car
(she plays any chance she gets) ...
 ... this still means she's not as cool as I am, 
but that doesn't mean I can't show her off to all my friends.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Grandpa Charlie turns, how old?!?!?!?

Can you tell what Avery drew for Grandpa's birthday???
(Here's a hint ... it's his motorcycle!!!)

Auntie Em came out to visit for Grandpa Charlie's birthday!!! 
sssshhhh ... it's a surprise!
See how I talk normally with Auntie, where Avery
talks with Auntie using weird mouth shapes ... weirdos!!!

Over the river and through the woods to Grandpa's birthday we go!!

As you can clearly see, the surprise and party were a big hit!!!
You probably can't tell from his face, but he loves his drawing 
(I think)

Not only did Grandpa have a super old birthday, 
but he also retired from doing his non-Grandpa worky stuff!!!!
Here we all are at dinner with all his worky people!!! 
Happy Birthday Grandpa Charlie!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Back to school, already?!?!?!?!?

I knew the day would come, 
summer break is now officially over,
and time for "back to school" ...

... the exciting part was meeting my teachers,
 and catching up with old friends!!
Avery had a big assignment due immediately, 
all rolled up into one picture describing oneself ...
1. "Avery"
2. Stella with Scout singing
3. Horsey
4. Tennis racket and ball 
5. Canvas with paint

And also a poem inspired by "The Best Part Of Me" book ...
... and a presentation on Lewis and Clark!!!

Avery also gets robotics class at the beginning of the year.
I can't wait 'till I'm in 5th grade!!

Mommy also had a lot of stuff to catch up on 
(along with moving into a new office) and I had to help ...

Sure school's great and all, but weekends are still my favorite!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summertime Projects!!!

It's always important to have a number of summertime projects to keep from getting too BORED!!!

 Emery getting a "dye job" from Mommy!!!

  Such a pretty color and super fun time ...

 ... and there's no such thing as too much rainbow!!!

 We also went "green" this summer ... 
hip hip hurrah for 66 deg AC all summer long!!!

 Even made time to make a new outside table too ...

 ... we really did help ...

... that turned out great!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Beach Trip!!!

Can you guess where we are???

 Did you guess the beach?!?!?!...
We're rocking out in wild Mexico with our wild beach hair!!!

We are having soooo much fun it makes me 
want to scream and shout!!!
Meanwhile, Daddy went fishing with his friend Matt.

To be honest, I think Matt is a better fisherman than Daddy.

I mean, seriously, like 90% of these fish are Matt's!!!!

The SUPER COOL THING that I'm mad I missed out on 
were all the dolphins that swam with Daddy's boat...

... luckily, not all the pictures have Daddy's thumb in the lens.

Every big beach day calls for delicious fish tacos lunch!!!
(even if you don't like fish!!)
The water was too salty to snorkel in, 
so I mostly just wore this gear around the hotel.

And we got a few great family photos ...

... even if they're not all out at the beach.
Beach time is fun and all, 
but it can't out match device time on the couch!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fun Fun, In The Summer Sun ...

This must have been the most boring day of my summer vacay ...
Avery's friend Harper came to visit?!?!?
Luckily, I got some fun out of it by photo bombing them!!

Here is Avery at a movie with her friend, Chiara.  
I'm not sure why Mommy wouldn't let me go ... 
 my favorite letters are R, B and G too!!!

Enough of Avery's fun.

When Avery's not home, this house is my turf. 
Now I can rock out...

...Emery style.
"Drop the mic, yo!!"

Sometimes I like to really goof around.
Like today I wore googly eyes (above my eyes) to the grocery store ...
people really got a kick out of that!!!

On our first day of art camp (at the Museum of Art), I wore a beret
 with a serious Frida Kahlo expression and gave the teachers a good laugh.

Then at summer camp, Avery dressed up and 
put on a play with some of her friends.

Meanwhile, I'm playing doge ball ... and winning hard!!!!

In my free time, I cannon balled right into our cold pool ... parrr-ty!!

While I was waiting for my turn to play tennis,
 I gave Daddy a makeover!!  Isn't he handsome??

Finally, it's my turn.
Aren't I good??
(I crossed that out because well, we all know the answer!) 

This is me showing off how good I am at riding horses, 
or at least better than Avery!!

Why is Mommy only holding on to me and not Avery?!?!?!!!

... maybe there is a reason.
Once we got home we discovered that Stella made good use of her time.

And, of course, Owlie greeted us with a big "Welcome Home"

 Doing all of this really tuckers Daddy out...

 ...which gives us an excuse to watch whatever we want with our big dog, Scout!!
Every summer break ends with climbing a huge, old tree!!!