Sunday, October 1, 2017

Festival Time!!!!

"Hey you guys, I have a super crazy idea."

"Let's go get crazy at an outdoor music festival!"

"Sunset time ... let's PARTY!!!"
"Hey look, rockin' out by means of
 slow-mo tumbling action!!!"

"Here we go ..."

"Ice cream break time?!?!?
Yes, please!!!"
"Sugar and glow sticks aftermath ... 
what a wild and crazy night!!!"

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Let Race Up a Mountain!!!

 Practicing hard for our big running race!!!

Wait, hold on!!
Daddy forgot the running stroller!??!??!

OK, lets do this the hard way ... and we're off!!!

Hey, that wasn't so bad ... 
now let's run the other half down the mountain!!
I'm super fast ... where's Avery??? 
I think I'm beating her big time!!!
Almost there ...

 ... closer and closer ...

... BooYa!!!!

Emery: Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! I beat you Avery!!!!!
Avery: What do you mean? I was ahead of you the whole time!!!

All was a super fun time anyway!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Avery's First Big Professional Art Show!!!

Wait, what the heck is this for!!!??!??

And why is Avery's name up there 
on this huge banner?

No way!!!! My sister is now some big 
muckety-muck artist!??!??!

Cool!!! That means I'm now famous too!!!!!!

Avery's name is everywhere in the art gallery ... 
seriously really cool!!!

Here she is in front of her award winning 
'Puma - in charcoal' piece ...
I can't wait to brag to all my friends at school!!

Now let's go have some fun seeing everything else here, 
like this big ol' beaver swimming all around ...

... and play dress-up with "Vulture Culture"!!!

Ending the great art show extravaganza out on the town 
with friends and family!!!

Congratulations big sister Avery on your first (of many) 
super big art exhibitions!!!

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Can you guess what we're doing today?

I can give you some hints ...

... smooches smooch ...

... and some slight of hand ...

... time to play 'em all up, it's Dominoes!!!!


Story of Dominoes video ...

... then they all fall down ...

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Savannah Time!!!!


 Look at how silly we all are!!!

 Emery: "Look at the big horse with the long neck and tongue!!!"

 "Wow, this is the best ride ever!!!
And how is Avery riding a sea lion!??!??"

 "Monkey see, monkey do!!!"

 Emery: "I've transformed!!!
I'm no longer Emery, I'm now ''Them Vultures!!!"

" Aaahh!!! Look out!!!
The misquotes are coming ..."
" ... but my Emery will always protect me ..."

"... uh ok, you've gone too far now, Emery!!!"

Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Heart ...

We are skipping half of school today ...

... because today is a very special day ...

... can you guess why?
Psss, look at today's date!!!

 It's a "once in a super long while solar eclipse" day!!!
Here is what it looks like using our pinhole cereal box projector!!!

Get your special glasses and your gossamer's out ...

... even Daddy wanted to see ... 
the moon is a'coming out to take over!!!

Emery says "Why can't I see anything?!?!?!"
Avery and mom: "WOW!!!"

Here is what it looks like using our special
 imaging glasses ... this is right at the start of the eclipse ...

... and then after a little bit later ...

... and then way deep into our first ever full Eclipse Day!!!
(note that from our location, this was the best 
moon coverage we could see)

Super cool!!!