Saturday, January 7, 2017

Can't wait to get back to school!!!!

We survived the Fall school term ...
now it's time for our winter vacation break!!!
Emery starts off by lounging around with
Stella-Bella in her favorite spot ...

 ... even moving around to different favorite spots ...
... while Avery prefers to read all day 
until falling fast asleep!!!

After a few long days of doing nothing ... *yawn* 
"We're not tired!"
(we're also in the best spot!!!)

(5 minutes later) 
"good night''

Now time for some outside fun ...
but no fair, only big sissy gets to walk the dogs ...

... not once but twice!!! NO FAIR!!!

Now time to go to the park ...
... WHOA, that slide was super slippery!!!

Too much fun!!!
"snuggle snuggle .... ZZZZ" {Emery}

Next up is time for new hairdos and ...


Big sissy Avery getting her hair cut at a 
fancy prancy salon!!!

Now time for a "quick" multi-day game of Monopoly ... 
note our strategy is to buy up everything 
and force Mommy to lose bigly!!!
Then we went "back in time" to when Mommy was our age ...

... to watch "toddler Mommy" in horse riding movies!!!!

"There she is, that's little Mommy right there!!!"

Time to get ready for bath ... Emery showing 
off going to the bathroom like a Daddy!!!

Then, bath time ... watch how we invented 
a new game called ... COTTON CANDY!!!

Finally bedtime ... 
whoa, every day is an exhausting day!!!

Sunday funday already, time for Emery's gym class!!!!

Watch her go, better make this the best day ever ...

... wow, super wow ... so so good on the gym floor!!!

We got to joke around a lot too ... Daddy had a stomach ache
and this is what big sissy slid under his bathroom door!!!
But some jokes were not that much fun ...
"OUCH, I burnt my bottom on the radiator at 
Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Charlie's house!!!"  {Emery}
We got to have good friends come over too ...

Now time to roast marshmallows ...

... and arrange where we want to move the kid's table ...

... yummy, mac and cheese dinner!!!

Night time already, starts with a great bath with Mommy ...

... and then some down time to relax and watch a little TV!!!!
"This is the best part of the day!!!!!!" {Emery}

What a long and great winter break!!!

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